Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry can be as easy as whitening your teeth to complex tooth rehabilitation.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery – face lifts, laser surgery or botox injections, yet fail to appreciate that the teeth and smile are the main focus to the eye and what creates a beautiful, youthfullook. A radiant smile improves your confidence and self – esteem and has been shown to influence your personality and your success, both in business and personally.

Tooth Whitening

At Lilli Pilli Dental, cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as tooth whitening .It is a low cost option to dramatically improve the aesthetics of your teeth with no invasive procedures.

Veneers and Crowns

If your teeth are severely broken down or just the wrong shape or colour then you may need porcelain crowns or veneers. At Lilli Pilli Dental we have done many smile makeovers, either for cosmetic reasons or to improve the strength or function of the teeth. Porcelain technology is changing rapidly and we work with the best ceramists to produce high quality, gorgeous looking restorations. There are a multitude of dental porcelains these days and not all are of equal quality. Even the way the ceramic is bonded to the tooth has become high tech. Depending on how much enamel or dentine is present, the type of dentine and the position of the gums all determine what bonding material we use to adhere the restoration to the tooth. The bite determines the type of porcelain used as does the age of the patient.

There is a lot more to cosmetic dentistry than obtaining white teeth. Being an LVI trained cosmetic dentist and having attended a myriad of cosmetic conferences, Dr Cameron Dodd understands that beautiful restorations are achieved by understanding the golden proportions of nature, symmetry and taking into account the shape of the face and jaws. Less than 1% of Australian dentists have completed advanced post graduate aesthetic dental training like those offered at The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Anyone can make a white filling or crowns, it takes scientific knowledge as well as a craftsman and artist to create a beautiful restoration.

Remember, a beautiful smile creates a lasting impression—as does a bad one.

Teeth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is our most affordable form of cosmetic dentistry. A beautiful white smile can boost confidence and make us feel good about ourselves.
Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking discolour our teeth whilst those who have had antibiotics when young or even aging can find their teeth are dull or stained.

Home Whitening

Here at Lilli Pilli Dental our whitening system is one that is done in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you through the day.
Impressions are taken of your teeth and custom-made trays are prepared. These trays fit snugly over your teeth allowing the whitening solution to achieve maximum results.

We recommend the trays be worn for approximately 1 hour each day until the desired shade is achieved.

We find that most patients are delighted with their results after around 2 weeks but this could take up to 3 weeks or even as quick as a few days.

This depends on the shade you wish to achieve and also how discoloured your teeth were initially.  We recommend the trays be worn last thing at night before bed when no further coffee, tea and wine is to be consumed.  This optimizes the results you will achieve.

Dentist issued tooth whitening treatments are completely safe to use and have undergone extensive testing to ensure this.  Prior to whitening we would conduct an examination of your teeth and gums to ensure suitability.  Over the 2 – 3 weeks of whitening a little sensitivity may be experienced which often subsides after a few hours.  If it persists we suggest ceasing treatment for a day or two after which treatment continues on as before.

Whitening is an exciting cosmetic treatment that most people benefit from
The results, however, do vary from one patient to another depending on a number of reasons.  If patients have a darker shade of tooth before whitening is commenced, results are usually more obvious and quicker to respond.

We don’t, however, recommend whitening for pregnant or lactating women as well as children under the age of 13.

Whitening results should last for 1 – 3 years but we recommend a top-up over a couple of days maybe   6 monthly or if you have that special occasion.

To make the most of your new beautiful smile we suggest daily flossing and brushing twice a day.

Please remember the things that originally discoloured your teeth will once again stain them if care isn’t taken.

At Lilli Pilli Dental  we are excited about our whitening system and would love to answer any questions you might have.

If you are interested and wish to make an appointment, please give us a ring as we are more than happy to help you.

Dental Emergencies – Sydney

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 Taking care of unexpected dental emergencies in Sydney NSW


An elderly patient recently asked “what to do should a dental emergency arise whilst visiting Sydney  like an injury to the gums or teeth could be possibly severe and also ought to not be dismissed. Overlooking an oral trouble could boost the threat of long-term damages in addition to the demand for more costly expense and also substantial additional treatment in the future.


  • Knocked-out tooth.

See your dental professional promptly. (If travelling see emergency dental contacts below)Till you reach your dental professional’s workplace, to ease discomfort, use a chilly compress to the Girl with broken toothbeyond the mouth or cheek in the afflicted location. If required, take an over the counter discomfort reducer

Get the tooth, hold it by the crown (the component that is generally revealed in the mouth), and also wash off the tooth  with water if it’s filthy. If it’s not feasible to return the tooth in the gum, placed the tooth in a little container of milk (or mug of water that consists of a pinch of table salt, if milk is not readily available) or an item having cell development tool, such as Save-a-Tooth. Knocked out teeth with the greatest possibilities of being conserved are those seen by the dental practitioner as well as returned to their outlet within 1 hr of being knocked out.

If you cannot obtain to the dental expert right away as well as the tooth is triggering discomfort, utilize a cotton swab to use a little clove oil to the delicate location (clove oil could be acquired at your regional medicine establishment or in the seasoning alley of your grocery site). If feasible, slide the crown back over the tooth.

Broken or damaged teeth. Use a cool compress to the exterior of the mouth, cheek, or lip near the broken/chipped tooth to maintain any kind of swelling down and also ease discomfort. See your dental expert as quickly as feasible.

If your mouth is inflamed, use a cool compress to the exterior of your mouth or cheek. Never ever place pain killers or any kind of various other medicine versus the gums near the hurting tooth due to the fact that it could melt the gum cells. See your dental professional as quickly as feasible often a knocked out tooth can be saved if seen by the dentist and returned to their cavity within 60 minutes of removal.

Below are some useful contacts for urgent dental treatment when traveling around. If you know of others please let me know and I will add them



Extruded (partly displaced) tooth.

As a result of the major dental wellness as well as basic illness that could arise from an abscess, see your dental professional when feasible if you uncover a pimple-like swelling on your gum that generally hurts. In the meanwhile, to reduce the discomfort and also attract the pus towards the surface area, attempt washing your mouth with a moderate seawater option (1/2 tsp of salt in 8 ounces of water) numerous times a day.



  • Soft-tissue injuries.

This can include the  gums, mouth, tongue and lips and may cause bleeding.

You may want to

  1. Wash / Rinse your mouth with saline solution
  2. Control bleeding by using a cold compress to affeted area for apprx 10 mins
  3. In a crisis you can use a tea bag to press down on bleeding gums
  4. If bleeding continues, see an emergency dentist or 24 hr dental hospital


  • Abscess.

Abscesses are infections that take place around the origin of a tooth or in the area in between the gums as well as teeth. Abscesses are a severe problem that could destroy cells and also bordering teeth, with the infection perhaps infecting various other components of the physical body if left unattended.

As a momentary action, stick an item of sugarless gum right into the tooth cavity (sugar-filled gum will certainly create discomfort) or make use of a non-prescription oral concrete. See your dental professional as quickly as feasible.


  • Loose Fillings and crowns

    If the crown drops off, make a session to see your dental practitioner as quickly as feasible as well as bring the crown with you. If you cannot obtain to the dental practitioner right away as well as the tooth is creating discomfort, make use of a cotton swab to use a little clove oil to the delicate location (clove oil could be acquired at your neighborhood medicine establishment or in the seasoning alley of your grocery shop). Do not utilize  adhesive!

    broken braceIf a wire breaks or sticks out of a brace or band as well as is jabbing your tongue, cheek, or gum, attempt making use of the eraser end of a pencil to press the cable right into a much more comfy placement. If you can not rearrange the cord, cover the end with orthodontic wax, a little cotton sphere, or item of bandage up until you could obtain to your orthodontist’s workplace.

    See your orthodontist as quickly as feasible. If the trouble is a loosened band, conserve it and also call your orthodontist for a session to have it recommended or changed (and also to have actually missing out on spacers changed).

    Shed dental filling. As a short-term action, stick an item of sugarless gum right into the tooth cavity (sugar-filled gum will certainly create discomfort) or utilize an over the counter oral concrete. See your dental expert as quickly as feasible.

    Things captured in between teeth. Attempt making use of oral floss to extremely delicately and also meticulously eliminate the item. If you cannot obtain the things out, see your dental expert. Never ever utilize a pin or various other sharp things to jab at the stuck things.

    Attempt utilizing oral floss to really carefully as well as very carefully get rid of the item. Never ever make use of a pin or various other sharp item to peek at the stuck things.


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